Verdant Custom Outdoors​​​
 Quality Construction
At Verdant Custom Outdoors, each landscape we design and build is a natural work of art: a piece of timeless beauty. Using a palette of stone, water, earth, wood and fooliage, we are able to create an outdoor environment of lasting appeal. 
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    Integrity to us means both the integrity of the design and personal integrity. Our commitment is to meet and exceed the highest standards of craftsmanship and customer service in the industry.
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    We are always honest and strive for complete clarity throughout the project. With Verdant Custom Outdoors, there will not be any surprise addition or behind the scenes deals with manufacturers. We believe that the construction process should be a creative adventure, not a mystery.
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    Thoughtful Design
    Verdant Custom Outdoors builds a limited number of projects per year. This allows us to give your project the close personal attention it deserves, including a landscape designer's eye on the project from start to finish. It is this level of commitment that makes each and every one of our projects as individual as you are.
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    Our outdoor environments are elegant, well designed and comfortable. Our specialty is creating a landscape that is so individually tailored to your needs and lifestyle that it feels immediately like home. This is the kind of value that we believe makes a custom designed landscape so uniquely rewarding.